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Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Exhibition, Illustration, Print, Signage 2013

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is an historically significant industrial heritage site with a history going back to at least the 13th century. The site is located a few miles south of the City of Sheffield, England.

Originally called Abbeydale Works, it was one of the largest industrial water-powered sites on the River Sheaf. It has been a place of metal working for hundreds of years. From 1697 to 1933, scythes and other edge tools were made here. Almost all the processes were carried out on the site, from making steel to grinding blades.

Now a Scheduled Ancient Monument. the site provides a fascinating demonstration of the technologies, processes of manufacture, social conditions, and domestic life and work of a former industrial works of this period.

Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust was awarded a HLF Grant in 2012 for a £900,000 project to conserve and restore the site, and to create a Learning Centre and new interpretation. The initial HLF Proposal was prepared by DBA Consulting, with preliminary design work by G+ Studio and Art Hotel.

with DBA Consulting and G+ Studio

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