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Ninki Nanka Trail

Illustration 2013

This was an illustrated map, commissioned by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT), at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The oral legend of the Ninki Nanka river-dwelling, dragon/monster of The Gambia is known across the westernmost part of West Africa and further afield.  Present day communities living by the river still pass on stories of a mysterious animal with supernatural powers which will result in bad luck or even death for anyone who sees it.  There are a range of descriptions for the Ninki Nanka beast, typically as being a snake-like creature or as having the face of a horse, a neck like a giraffe, a body like a crocodile, a long tail and being about 30ft long.

Building on this and other rich cultural and natural heritage assets of the River Gambia, the Ninki Nanka Trail is aimed at diversifying the Gambian tourism product through the involvement of local people in the development of eco- and ethno- tourism (i.e. cultural tourism) along the River Gambia.  The primary objectives being to alleviate poverty by creating livelihood opportunities, providing employment and skills training, increasing the foreign exchange from tourism nationally, raising awareness about responsible tourism and empowering local communities.

Illustration by Nigel Kirton, design by Art Hotel

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