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The Tank Museum

Exhibition 2009

The Tank Museum at Bovington, Dorset houses the world’s second-largest collection of armoured fighting vehicles. Bovington is known as ‘The Home of the Tank’ because the first tank regiment was based at Bovington and the link continues up to the present day. The £16m museum redevelopment included a new 2000m/sq display hall designed to showcase 35 ‘star’ exhibits from the museum’s collection. The highlights include a First World War Mark IV and the only working example of the infamous WWII Tiger tank.

The graphic design brief for the project included new signage and interpretation in the existing part of the museum. The New Display Hall tells the chronological tank story, from the experimental beginnings in 1915 through to the present day, culminating in an audio visual show on the future of the tank. The displays include many large graphics and backdrops including a seamless graphic over 30 metres long.

employed by PLB Consulting Ltd

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  • The Trustees of the Tank Museum (with PLB Consulting)